About Erika

Erika L. Forbes is a dynamic public speaker, strategist, consultant, organizer, teacher, facilitator, and trainer.


She is a life-long justice advocate known for her ability to bring clarity, civility, and humor to complex and emotionally charged issues. Her work, spanning more than two decades, has been at the intersections of reproductive rights, religion, race, sexuality, social mores, public policy, movement building, economic reform, and business development. She is dedicated to healing cultural and socio-political divides to bring forth the “A new vision of a world that works for everyone” and is particularly passionate about authentic connection promoting understanding between progressive and conservative ideologies. Wherever she goes, her message has some core and central tenets that align with her personal and universal ideals and values-  inclusion, possibility, empowerment, and transformation.

Erika’s  groundbreaking work has been featured in numerous books, magazines, radio, internet, and television programs including 

Erika is a  co-litigant in the landmark Senate bill 8 the reproductive rights case in Texas in 2021 as a plaintiff represented by Center for Reproductive Rights. 

Rev Erika L. Forbes was the founder of The Awakening Spiritual Community, an independent  all faith spiritual community, founded in San Antonio, Texas for 7 years. She is now the founder and chief visionary office of Just Justice Consulting, an organizational development consulting firm specializing in work at the intersection of  reproductive and social justice  and diversity, equity and inclusion relations. Erika L. Forbes has served as a national leader on a number of boards including Anytown on gun violence instructor at several institutes of higher learning. She holds a BA in Education from the University of California Hayward 1992, an Masters in world religions from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York, 2003 and has been a licensed and ordained interfaith minister for nearly 15 years. 

Personal Statement

I consider my faith to be deeply personal, yet the actions I engage in daily show how with my personal faith I am committed to equality and justice for ALL. I believe there is a tendency, especially in the American context, to talk about centering justice on those most marginalized and impacted. For me, justice is not justice unless it includes everyone and everything. This is foundational to my experience and expertise and it defines my public faith and advocacy: “The Service of Faith in Promotion of Justice.”

The central work is not platitudes, rather it is engaging in justice and advocacy even when it is uncomfortable. I’ve always felt a deep pull toward faith and have absorbed many important principles and practices, not only from my own spiritual tradition but also from others.
My faith, values, and deep sense of moral duty has led me toward justice, the important work of repairing harm, and engaging in the unfettered creation of a world that works for everyone.

It is this same faith that has squared my shoulders and allowed me to speak up and out in the face of hatred, fear and power, on behalf of all. Even as trepidation rises within me, I still feel called to make sure that religion and faith are not used as tools of oppression but instead guide us toward our collective liberation.