This is where we begin

When the worst thing that could happen takes place, you never have to be fearful of it ever again. Let us now be fearless in our pursuit of justice.


It is a time of great upheaval and great possibility, as leaders we must be voices of moral courage and sources of spiritual strength. Envision Justice Consultancy is a strategy, speaking, and consulting firm for the justice movement. As the chief visionary officer and principle, I believe it is time for us to craft new narratives, new frameworks and new methods forward for the next 50 years. But first, we must imagine what is possible – even if it seems improbable – and then get to work.

The highest vision is to manifest a world in which every person is seen and treated with justice and dignity and for us to live as One. Our work right now is to begin to lay the foundation for a society built on love, and rooted in justice for all.

This must be propelled by our moral imagination. I believe it is up to us to begin envisioning justice.



A consultant (from Latin: consultare “to deliberate”) is a professional (also known as expert or specialist) who provides advice and further purposeful activities in an area of specialization.


Bring Rev Erika in to spark a new vision with her insights and natural ability to provide the perspective needed to inspire and energize your organization.


Erika will walk you through a series of  calls that will include a discovery session, a  pre-event assessment, and a framework meeting   to understand  the needs of your organization, and tailor the event/talk or training to your organization and group’s needs.

What you need to know about Erika Forbes

  • Board of Directors – Whole Women’s Health
  • Teacher
  • Philosopher